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You've found the right place for advice from an expert forex trader. My name is Alberto Pau and I am the founder of My mission is to spread the industry's best kept trading strategies so that you too can profit from them, especially from a specific type of Forex system, Forex signal and Forex options. Forex Options are indeed one of the most profitable Forex strategies in high market volatility.

Trading the forex markets is something both very enjoyable and profitable. You've decided to head in a direction where there is literally no limit to the amount of money you can earn, and you can do it from anywhere in the world anytime of the day. Essentially, you've chosen to take control of your life by being able to choose HOW much money you are going to make, and when.

BUT WAIT...there's a problem!

In today's financial environment with the current market volatility, too many traders are struggling to even make it by. What at one time as supposed to lead you to freedom and less hours of work has put you in the driver's seat to disaster. You many bot be able to spend as much time doing the things you like, or you are struggling making ends meet and month's end...

I'm dedicating this website and all that comes with it to bring you the levels of wealth and success you want to achieve through forex trading systems, forex signals and Forex options. You could be a forex trader who has lost almost everything or even an experienced trader who is doing well but would like to make more money. Either way, the strategies you get from my 7 years' trading experience are proven to make you succeed.

You can't keep thinking that the old forex trading signals and Forex system types that worked 20 years ago are going to be even barely profitable today. The markets have changed...there are hedge funds out there who have arbitraged every single trick in the book...they are now making the markets you trade! This is a good thing though, because they are there to help you make more money.

Throughout this website you are going to learn how I, a successful forex trader, would increase your trading profits while reducing the amount of risk you are taking. We will focus mostly on Forex options and other Forex system technology. Forex options are indeed one of the smartest way to deal in Forex trading. Forex options allow traders to make large amounts of profits trading forex whilst minimizing the risk of a loss. For this reason, Forex options are perhaps the most innovative concept in forex currency trading.

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Trade Forex from Home – What are the Advantages and Benefits?



If you want to trade Forex from home, in order to do some online business via which you can earn good and handsome income, then you should have to perform some research and study in this regard. You can begin the business of trade Forex from home if you possess an internet connection. In order to start this business you would like to have some seed capital in your hand as well. At the internet browsing, you have to search those companies and agencies which can help you out for trade Forex from home.
You would be required to read the details of this business, as well as have to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of this business. In order to perform a successful business of trade Forex from home, you have to keep an eye on the market. You should have the idea about the trends, and then according to that you should have to buy and purchase the currencies. For a successful business of trade Forex, you would be required to have lot of experience. However, if you are new, it is better to acquire complete knowledge of this field, plus it is would be better to start this business under the supervision of some expert.
There are several advantages of trading forex. The biggest advantage is that this business never goes in loss. The variation in the market currency from one day to another is not great. Rather the fluctuations and trends give you an idea where you should put your money. You can withdraw cash from the currencies which are going down, and purchase those which are going up. Unlike stock market, the trade Forex from home is more stable. There is no chance of market crash. The foreign currencies like dollars and pound sterling keep on increasing and hence one can put his money in them without any doubt. He can gain profit, when he sees the changes in pennies and cents, and then in order to gain some profit he can sell out these currencies.
Another advantage of doing trade Forex  is that, a person can perform this work right from his home. He would not be required to go out for this business. He can perform this work several hours without any hurdle or delays. When you will be trading from home, you would neither require any office, nor any staff member. Hence you can save the money in terms of salary and rent of the office.
Last but not least, in trade Forex you can leverage your investment and can perform business with even more money than the actual amount you have in your account. In conclusion, there are several advantages of trade Forex from home,  and you should do it in order to have lucrative income.


Here are my 5 top tips for Forex Trading Success


1. Create or adapt a trading plan to get you to Forex trading success

If you want to achieve Forex trading success you need to be in control of your emotions and the best (and easiest) way of doing this is to have a clear forex trading plan that tells you when to enter or exit the market. Most of the time emotions will cause you to be too fearful or too greedy and cause you to act against your own best interest (and your Forex trading success)
2. Trade within your account

In Forex trading success it is key that you only trade what you can afford to lose. For two reasons: the first one is that obviously you minimize the chances of your account being wiped out (and hence killing any chance of Forex trading success). And the second reason is that if you know you’re trading reasonable amounts of money it will be easier for you to control your emotions and slowly making your way to Forex trading success.
3. True Forex trading success is trading with the majority, not against it.

In other words (and I’m sure you’ve heard this), “the trend is your friend.” Especially as a beginner on your way to Forex trading success, it will be much easier for you to spot trends and ride them than it will be to spot trend reversals. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get on the trend at the very beginning or if you don’t ride it to the very last moment. The key is to spot the trend and capture some profit out of it – that will be your true Forex trading success.
4. Don’t overdo leverage

The use of leverage is invariably a big part of achieving Forex trading success but when you are getting started try to keep this as low as possible. As a beginner, you will be likely to make mistakes and leverage will only magnify them (ie magnify your losses!). This will obviously get you away to Forex trading success, not closer!

5. Be disciplined!
This may sound boring but sometimes the simplest things are the most effective and this is one of them in Forex trading success. Forex trading success is not rocket science nor is it hard. However the tricky part is to stay disciplined, especially in times of very volatile markets or when a position is going against you. In Forex trading success, that distinguishes the boys from the men and the girls from the women as they say. Some of the best forex traders only have a win ratio of 50% but they can achieve huge Forex trading success by keeping their losses small and letting their profits run.

If you implement just these 5 tips you will see within just a few days how you will be much, much closer to achieving Forex trading success and the massive financial and personal rewards Forex trading success can bring.

Are You Loosing Money In Forex Market? Consider Virtual Trading


Virtual trading helps traders get rid of their depression and stress after losing their money in the market when the prices of the stocks they had invested in falls contrary to what they expected or predicted. Virtual trading in fact prepares traders become successful in the market once they know how to study it and identify the right times to buy as well as the right times to sell. If you know when the market gives the signals to either buy or sell, you can make a lot of profits once you sell or buy at that time.

The indicators which virtual trading relies on to determine when to buy or sell are either the bullish or the bearish signals in the market. When the prices of a particular stock fall, people will keep off from buying it and those with the stocks will sell them and in most cases at low price. This is the best time to buy. When certain stocks are being sold highly, people will rush to buy them and there prices will most likely fall in the future. You should sell at this time when the demand is high but do not buy as the prices will most likely come down in the near future.

With the advent of online technology you can study and learn about virtual trading online at very little cost. You will be offered sufficient knowledge on how to do it in real life and on how to rely on various forex market indicators like the already stated forex signals, momentum oscillators, trading eurusd and usdgbp and stochastic oscillators among others and how you can use each to predict the future state of the market.

Some factors which cause the prices to fall or increase include the central bank actions to value of devalue or revalue the national currency of a country which may be through changes in taxation and introduction or abandonment of price controls and other regulations. Though these actions are beyond the control of any trader, they can predict sufficient strategies devised on how to counter their effects since you can counter the actions themselves. Virtual trading in fact is the study of the market on a daily basis and taking advantage of the slightest opportunity you may come across. As a trader, you must however be prepared to undertake risky investments because profits only reward the risky entrepreneurship in economic terms.

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